Friday, August 03, 2007


August 3, 2007

Almost 9:30 PM and just when I got through today's mail, Gail inquired how the combination pictures turned out. Tonight we had a hasty supper when I returned from working on the new property, headed back with some tarps to cover up the cement and tools, and then we stopped for ice cream at the general store. Returned home with the thought of deadheading and picking things up for tomorrow's bare root sale but the next thing I knew, Gail was laying out combinations of daylilies that she felt went well together. I was already running on one burner so I only got as far as the first combination but you might want to consider it. Gail is very good at this and when the plants she recommends mature in a couple years, the combinations are always stunning.

Tonight Gail joined South Seas, Cherry Cheeks and Carolyn Criswell. It's not just the colors that are a great contrast but the flower size and scape height. Here they are pictured individually.

As you can see from the grouping above, these three work very well together. The coral of South Seas doesn't present itself here as the beauty it really is but it's a daylily the folks have been buying in quantity for several years. From, year to year we never know if we'll have to break into our display gardens to make it through the year. This year things may be close with greater demand because there are several big plantings here including a good grouping in the lower display area. A dozen or so mature plants give a great opportunity to think through what your garden will look like in a couple years and such a vision encourages multiple sales.

Gail has lots of good ideas of daylilies to combine. Right now the only thing I want to combine is sleep-sleep-sleep. If you get a chance this weekend, stop by to see the flowers and perhaps buy some bare root daylilies.

From the mountain above Peacham Pond where today's heat apparently slowed more than just me as the animal life has come to a standstill and even Mr. Barred Owl is quiet!

Gardening wishes!

George Africa

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