Friday, July 02, 2010

Daylily Opportunities

James Marsh now in bloom

Friday, July 2, 2010

Last night's temperature dipped to an even 40 degrees after scaring vegetable growers the way it dropped as the sun set. This morning is quite a contrast. As the sun is pulling itself up above Peacham Pond, we are already up to 48 degrees. The sunshine yells at me "Get going, George. Get going, George!" as there is so much to do today. Even the raucous ravens at the compost pile are using inappropriate language to try to get me started today. Among other things, today's 70 degree high will have to be savored as by Monday it will be +90 and not so pleasant.

Blogger is on temporary strike today and images won't load from here. I'll catch up tonight. The daylilies at Vermont Flower Farm are heavily budded and yesterday there were 21 varieties in some stage of bloom. The rising temperature after a couple inches of rain will flower many this weekend so if you are out and about, you'll notice the color at 2263 US Rt 2 Marshfield even if you don't stop.

I always refer folks to our website, to see what we have for daylilies. The images are fair to good and the descriptions are above average for sure. What I am noticing is how many daylilies we offer that never made it to the site. If you have something in an older daylily that you're looking for and don't find it with us, just ask away because it might be hidden in one of the rows. There are over 5000 daylilies in the field for digging, 2000 potted and who knows how many still at the house, yet to be moved.

Every year Gail adds to what we offer and for the sake of time I'll just list out some of those new additions. Most of these are available in pots but some are growing in the garden. Included this year are: August Frost, Bama Bound, Black Eyed Susan, Duke of Earl, Eyes of Fury, Inwood, Just Plum Happy, Modern Design, My Sweet Rose, Prairie Wildfire, Red Razzmataz, Siloam Peony Display, Spiritual Corridor, Velvet Thunder and Woodside Romance. Of these, Prairie Wildfire has been out for three days and it is one of the best reds that Gail has ever brought in. Having said that, if you stop by today it might not be in bloom but it's still a worthwhile purchase.

As Independence Day approaches remember what America is all about. Anyone, any day, can find something to complain about but never forget our freedoms. No one will ever tell you what daylily to plant, what daylily book you can/cannot read, what nursery you can visit, what day you can make visits, what words you can share. That's part of why I live here.

Writing from the mountain above Peacham Pond where the truck needs to be unloaded before I start a new day. Ugh! But the sun is making me smile. Hope to see you this weekend. Travel with care.

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PS: Any birders out there? I have a woodpecker id question that is bothering. Ask me.

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