Sunday, July 11, 2010

Foggy Morn

Sunday, July 11, 2010

6:30 AM. Time is flying. 60 degrees, the coolest morning in over a week, 98% humidity, windless. Gail just brought Karl the dripping Wonder Dog back from a morning walk and now she is loading the truck for me to head to the nursery. Hope Mike has some eggs this morning as that one lone egg on the plate this morning has little hope of keeping me going until noon.

If you're out and about today, stop by the nursery. The heavy rains were just what the daylilies needed and they are in their glory today. We had 80 varieties on display yesterday with a bloom of each arranged on tables with name and prices for easy review. I expect that by noon today as the sun rises, additional varieties will bloom for the first time. The field is a palette that deserves a look even if you just drive by.

I had some nice pictures prepared for display here today but Blogger is up to its tricks again and nothing is uploading. The lone picture of the daylily 'Fooled Me' up top will have to serve as a reminder that we have some unusual daylilies that come with very good prices. There are over 5000 in the field ready for digging and +1500 in pots in various state of growth.

If you are interested in bee balm, monarda, Oswego tea, 'the great hummingbird attractor' stop by and see the six varieties Gail has for sale. From the short pink 'Petite Wonder' to the 5.5 foot Jacob Cline, this is a nice collection to start with. They are arranged at the entry to the shade houses with a nice hydrangea named 'White Moth'. We have 9 other hydrangeas for sale but most haven't started to set bloom yet.

We really needed the rain and factually could use some more. Bring your rain gear and head for Marshfield today. Lots to do from the Cabot Creamery to local wineries to the mountains, streams and ponds for hiking, biking or paddling.

Writing from the mountain above Peacham Pond where I can just see the outline of a doe deer over the bank by my office window. Spooky fog right now. Carl Sandburg "The fog comes on little cat's feet" fog.

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