Thursday, April 28, 2011

Daffodil Days

Thursday, April 29, 2011

A dark morning here on the mountain, 62° and a steady 5 mph wind bringing another rain storm that crossed Lake Champlain 3 hours ago. I estimate we'll see rain here in about an hour, perhaps a little less. A year ago yesterday we awoke to 18" of heavy wet snow after a start to April that no one could complain about. The weather certainly keeps all farmers busy!

Before I head to the nursery I want to recommend a garden visit for this Saturday or Sunday. Our friends Harold and Leila at Crossview Gardens, 1801 Lower Elmore Mountain Road, Morrisville are hosting their first daffodil open house. The Crosses are well known for an incredible selection of flowers but few know of Harold's interest in daffodils. I can't tell you how many varieties he has now but the total bulb count reaches well into the thousands so if you haven't seen 2-3-4000 bulbs, (my guess, maybe more), you should pack up the car and head out this weekend. Many growers have thousands of bulbs and I'll never criticize someone with such an offering. But when you can walk these gardens and see labeled varieties, some of which you have never even seen in a catalog, it's quite an event.

Leila has directions on their website and once you get to their place you'll get an incredible view of Vermont too. Give it a try--you'll be happy you found another great Vermont garden! And tell them George sent you!

Writing from the mountain above Peacham Pond where sprinkles just started.

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George Africa said...

When I wrote this yesterday I was still half asleep. The Crosses are known for Vermont's nicest daylily collection but I was supposed to be introducing the opportunity to see daffodils as the title, Daffodil Days, indicates.

Tomorrow and Sunday should be sunny so get out and see bulbs like you probably haven't seen before.