Friday, August 26, 2011

Rainbow Lights

Friday, August 26, 2011

Still overcast here on the mountain but the weatherman says the sky will clear soon and we will have a couple nice days before the impact of Irene is obvious to us. Rain estimates over Vermont are now 2" to 7" and that is more encouraging to me having seen what the rains of late May did to our nursery. Storms can change, for better or worse, so we will wait and see.

Mrs Doe Deer and her fawn just passed by my office window but once again I was not awake enough to catch a photo image of them together. The fawn is energetic and has the courage to leave Mom at some distance before running back, checking and leaving again. The doe raises her head often to see where her kid has gone to and I notice she is watching behind herself a lot so perhaps she hears a coyote or "unlocal" dog. They are a pleasure to watch.

Swiss chard has been around for years and I have to admit that my childhood memories of it were not favorable. That has all changed now and like beets, I love the stuff. For several years now colorful mixes have been available, some called Bright Lights, Rainbow Mix, or Bright Lights Improved. Although vegetable gardeners plant them to eat, flower gardeners have been mixing them more and more in flower gardens and in container plantings. They last through the frosts of early fall and add a color and texture that other plants cannot offer. Consider them in the future and if you don't like the look--eat 'em!!

Writing from the mountain above Peacham Pond where sunlight brightens the still-dark sky just a shade. I have to get going here. Alex is 19 today!

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