Friday, April 21, 2006

Spring colors

Spring is different every year and this year is clearly no exception. Some things are early, some are late, some haven't even arrived yet. It's still been a fine spring after a very dry winter.

By now the cowbirds and red wing blackbirds should have been here. Our token cowbird is not a representation of "being here" and I haven't seen flocks of blackbirds along the Winooski River yet as I usually do. A neighbor told me his adnonis, a yellow buttercup-like flower with fern type leaves has come and gone. Last year this time I took pictures of some in full bloom in a bed of snowflakes. Not so this year.

Cardinals, a favorite bird with us, never stay here during the summer but they always visit this time of year, encouraging our hopes with their nice songs. So far there aren't any cardinal songs although they can regularly be heard in Marshfield village which is probably 500 feet lower in elevation than we are.

The hellebores are in bloom and their colors please us. These are less than exotic as their flowers hang down, hiding the beauty and intracasies of their blooms. This is another flower I have tried to avoid becoming more interested in because I really do like them---and I really do have enough things going on right now. If you think you want to try hellebores, search for my friend Barry Glick at Sunshine Farm in West Virginia

In the larger gardens, hundreds of daffodils, narcissus and scilla are beginning to bloom. Rains are on the way and they will jump start the spring bulbs. And as the flowers grow, so does the palette of colors. Spring is nice!

George Africa

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