Thursday, November 14, 2019

A Cold, White November

I was in Burlington today, late morning into early afternoon. The wind was biting hard at times and the parking was terrible because the snow hasn't been cleaned up yet. There was no shortage of traffic any place I went. Naturally, Lake Champlain is not even thinking about freezing so the humidity and occasional blasts of snow flurries were all lake induced....and it was really cold!!

I just read the latest USDA plant zone chart. One of those easy, plug-in your zip code charts. Obviously, I have to read up on these new charts as some of this makes no sense. I live in Marshfield Vermont and that finds us in a zone 4B in the 20-25 below zero range. This week we have already been below zero here (the season is still Fall!) and this past winter we were in the 30 below for days in a row and for several other days in the 26-29 below range. I remember one time when it was so cold the tractor finally started with the glow plug in advance but the hydraulic fluid wouldn't move enough to do anything. I covered the whole tractor with a tarp and let it run an hour and it still wouldn't budge. Not good as there were a couple feet of fresh snow on the ground and "no tractor" meant not going anywhere. 

Plug in your zip code and see what this means for plant hardiness. Do the plants you like to grow make sense for what zone you live in?

Writing from the mountain above Peacham Pond where it will still be a while before ice covers the pond.

Be well!

George Africa
The Vermont Gardener
Writing on Facebook as Vermont Flower Farm and Gardens and also as George Africa.