Friday, August 09, 2019

New Video Tour


Here is a really special video tour of Vermont Flower Farm that was prepared by Trevor Audet from the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets. Vermont has a diversity of agricultural endeavors and the Agency is doing a special job producing media coverage so Vermonters and others know what we do here.

We are proud of our work and enjoy sharing this latest look for your review. Share it with friends and come visit with friends, neighbors, garden club members and an out of state visitors who might want to learn more about the most beautiful state in New England. And remember: "We're always here to help you grow your green thumb!"

Click on the link and then enlarge for best viewing!

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Monday, August 05, 2019

Come Visit!


Monday, August 5, 2019

This is the time to stop by Vermont Flower Farm and Gardens and walk the fields and gardens with us. The daylilies are at peak right now but because of the spring rains, scape production was so bountiful that daylilies that might be halfway finished blooming have two or more weeks left. There are about one-quarter of all the daylilies we grow that have not started to bloom yet. That translates to a continuing show that will knock your socks off! The late bloomers that Gail has been working on is another story all by itself.

The hosta display garden still brings lots of compliments for the outstanding garden that it is but I am embarrassed I have not been able to care for it as I should. 2.5 worker bees (Gail, Alex and me) caring for +4 acres of gardens means some things lose priority as other--such as the daylilies--take over.  Come visit and make your own decision. If you take any pictures, share them on Facebook and other social media formats so others can see too. Many thanks!

George Africa
Vermont Flower Farm and Gardens
2263 US Route 2
Marshfield, Vermont 05658