Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Independence Day!

To be able to live in America is something I respect very much and Independence Day reminds me of the various freedoms we can enjoy without worry. There is no greater place where there is more freedom and opportunity. This is not to say that times don't change and folks do some things we don't agree with but our freedom of choice remains strong.

When I was young we lived near Rye NY until my Dad decided things were getting too crowded and he moved us to Vermont. I remember going to Coney Island to see the fireworks and remember family trying to figure out how to be on the Cyclone rollercoaster when the displays were going off. I don't think there were any height requirement bars back then to gauge how tall a kid was and whether they could ride safely or not. I know I was really short and I know I was really happy when the ride ended.

Each night since Thursday night the fireworks have been firing at Peacham Pond. This morning at about 7 a display sounded off as it always does, marking the start of the day's festivities. Leftover fireworks will continue on for the rest of the week, almost to the point of suggesting "that's enough reminder of our independence for this year."

The flower world in this part of Vermont signals a show comparable to a good fireworks display beginning right about now. One flower that blooms is nature's firework, Allium christophii, pictured above. This is a globe of shiny lilac colored star-like flowers on a thick 24-28" stem. They don't hold their color as well in the hot weather we have been having but they are very interesting to see and they don't make noise. I have always been surprised that the seeds don't germinate here. Perhaps I should study this closer as the plants do form a seed pod at the end of every flower but for the thousands of seeds potentially produced, I just don't see quantities of new plants. This is a common allium and readily available on the market.

The daylilies are popping one after another and if we can get a couple days of good sun, they will green up and look more like daylilies. The astilbes are showing color and with this spring's heavy rains, their display will be the best ever. If you're in the neighborhood, stop by for a look. More than half of Gail's collection is on display in the lower hosta garden and there is a row out beyond our peony nurersy which includes one of every astilbe we have ever grown. We're weeding out that nursery right now but the colors should be very evident in a couple days, despite tall grass. Astilbe 'Washington' has been out for a week now, as has 'Peach Blossom' , 'Sister Theresa', 'Final', and 'Radius'. It's already 78 degrees here so I'm sure more will bloom by noon.

The phone is ringing and Karl is barking. That means today's first customer has arrived. Guess I best get moving.

Holiday wishes from the hill above Peacham Pond, where families and friends gather to enjoy each other and their independence!

Gardening wishes'

George Africa

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