Sunday, April 29, 2007

Virtual Garden Tour:

Good morning from Vermont Flower Farm where the falling rain is getting stronger and Karl the wonder dog keeps scratching my leg. The rain, I cannot control, but the scratching means Karl knows it's Sunday and time for me to head for town for the Sunday paper and a half gallon of milk. Karl knows the routine and knows he will ride shotgun in the truck, barking at red squirrels and turkeys and generally irritating the silence I prefer on a Sunday morn. Today we'll try to make the first return route of the season along the Lanesboro Road--the railroad track bed of the old Montpelier to Wells River RR that was thrown up in the fifties.

I'm just getting back to writing so things are slow. Patience please. Yesterday we planted 375 gallon pots of perennials and got a lot of other work done. Gail and Winnie did a lot of the planting while I mixed most of the soil. Michelle was here too and she moved hundreds of pots, raked leaves and cleaned up some messes. It is so nice to have a person who knows what to do and does it right the first time.

I spent another couple hours raking the lower hosta garden which is a magnet for maple leaves in the fall. I had spent hours there in October mulching piles of leaves but the late fall winds backfilled my work with more leaves and I probably have a couple days left to get that in shape.

If you have a minute check back at and see what is going on at our new property. If you want to see the latest addition to our business website, check out and you will see some very nice pictures from last year's gardens. Maybe these two sites will buy me some time as I get back into the swing of writing about the gardens of Vermont Flower Farm and the gardens we are going to develop along Route 2 just below Marshfield Village.

In the meantime, have a nice Sunday and get gardening! Spirits improve when you're in the garden.

Rainy day gardening wishes,

George Africa

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