Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Evening greetings from Vermont Flower Farm. 59 degrees with the temperature dropping and thunder in the distance getting louder. I'll be signing off as quickly as I just signed on. To keep this brief and safe, I just want to mention that the spring rains and good temperatures have brought along the hostas in all their glory. I worked on the gardens all weekend and although they are not finished, many more are planted than were there last week, the deer fence is 3/4's installed and if you're within driving distance, you should make the trip soon. The hostas are in perfect form although some are still unfurling.

The picture above is the lower garden entrance within the old foundation. The picture below shows an update from this weekend of the steps I built a few years ago. There are 63 different hostas planted along the stone steps which lead from the upper drive down into the garden. The total collection is heading towards 500 varieties but many are planted in multiples in various locations so the actual count is many times greater. Gail reports we have over 200 varieties for sale this year but I've been too busy to count. Right now I have to scoot. Thunder and lightning are poor mixes with computers and wiring.

Gardening wishes from the mountain above Peacham Pond where the evening frog chorus starts and stops with each thunderous blast from the heavens. Come visit soon!

George Africa

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