Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Squirrelly, But Good Company, Good Holidays

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

We've been busy at Vermont Flower Farm and it's been a good kind of busy. My son Adam, his wife, Leah, and my grandson, Max arrived from Seattle to spend a few days with us. Despite some poor weather on either end of their journey, the visit was special. The odd hours, time change, and the activity of the holiday made us all a little squirrely, but that's not uncommon up here where red squirrels are as familiar as chickadees and blue jays.

Besides the abundance of wildlife, Max got to ride a real tractor. His last experience was at a park in Seattle but this time he was in Vermont and only the real thing would do. While he was sitting with Adam, he located the control lever for the bucket and from then on it was up-down, up-down until it was time to quit. He looked and looked for a horn to beep but this is a commodity this tractor certainly doesn't have. Grandparents always think they have the greatest grand kids going but we've got a winner with this one! Here's a picture of a very happy Pappa!

In a few days I have three books Id like to mention. They are all by Vermont authors, and Vermont is part of what The Vermont Gardener is about. Bear with us as we work our way into New Years.............. And don't make like a squirrel and go running off. We'll be right back!

From the mountain above Peacham Pond where I've plowed three times in five days. Still have the machine shed left to shovel off as the snow deepens and I prepare for real winter temperatures.

White gardening wishes,

George Africa
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stephanie said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed your commentary. The pictures are wonderful! Here in Burlington we are getting a great deal of snow also! I'm glad school was delayed two hours! The seed catalogs are piling up!! I've got a great deal of work to do!!

George Africa said...

Hello Stephanie;

Glad you are enjoying the pictures. Sometimes I do not know if folks know to click on them to get a better look. The squirrel pictures aren't bad considering they were taken through thermopane windows.

I just returned from bird feeder duty where I dusted off 10" of snow left last night. Quite a December for sure! Burlington is now in 4th place historically with almost 48" of snow for the month of December.

Here in Marshfield at 1530 feet it seems to snow a little every day. Although well over 5 feet has settled down, there is still over 3 feet on the ground. Travel for deer and turkeys is already difficult and it's probably making coyotes a little nasty as small game is troublesome to catch.

George Africa