Friday, February 15, 2008

Kind Comments

Friday, February 15, 2008

I returned home to a quiet house this afternoon. Karl the wonder dog, was happy to see me and there was a sandwich in the fridge for a snack. The answering machine light was blinking but Karl wanted to go out and I had some packages to bring in. When I got back to the message it was unusual but welcomed. It was a message from a woman in Michigan who thought my Vermont Gardener blog on June 17 was very nice.

I couldn't even remember the events of June let alone something I had written then. I had to go back to find it. I had titled it "Two Friends". As soon as I started reading the first paragraph I remembered the day well.

Take a look:

This is the start of President's Weekend and the news reports that the number one travel destination in the US is New York City followed by Las Vegas. Just so you understand my place in life, I will be traveling to Cabot, Vermont tomorrow to get some milk and eggs and to East Montpelier if the hardware store in Cabot doesn't have the 14 quart bucket I want. No NYC or Las Vegas for the Vermont Gardener! Until then......

Writing from the mountain above Peacham Pond where limited stars light the sky as the temperature continues to fall. Below zero readings are predicted for daybreak but the woodstove will keep us warm.

Be well!

George Africa
The Vermont Gardener
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Betsy said...

Hello! Beautiful gardening and photography! I noticed we have a few things in common from your profile ~ gardening, birdwatching and autism. I know I'll enjoy checking your blog often!

George Africa said...

Hello Betsy;

Thanks for finding The Vermont Gardener. Check out Vermont gardens, too as I will be writing more and more there about our move to a new location. The other hint is that on our website Vermont Flower Farm there is an autism page with a list of reference books we like. If you have any good recommendations for us, please advise.

I just looked at your new blog My Five Men and the picture of the lemons was coincidental to a recipe I found last night for lemon cake. We like to cook when we aren't gardening and lemons are special.

Many thanks!

George Africa
The Vermont Gardener

Betsy said...

Hi George. Thanks for answering. I looked at your autism list ~ very impressive and exhaustive! Many entries I have frequented but there were a few new ones for me, too, so thank you! The very best book I've ever read is Children With Starving Brains by Jacqueline McClandess, MD. We had more changes and positive results by following the advise of this book than our other 10 years of treatments combined. She is a medical doctor who changed her practice to treating kids on the spectrum after her own grandchild was diagnosed. Anyway, thanks for the information and kind words. I'll check your site again~

Mary said...

What a beautiful blog. I'll link it to my blog, which is a little about gardening, but mainly about farming. It is a Vermont blog too though.
I really enjoyed the link to Mount Cuba. I grew up in Hockessin Delaware, and we used to go to Mt. Cuba for star parties, to enjoy their fine observatory. The site doesn't mention the telescope, so I wonder if that's gone now. But it is a beautiful place.

East Dorset, VT

Anonymous said...

That is a lovely post. You are lucky to have a friend to share your gardening interests with. Thanks for a lovely blog!

thepowerguides said...

I think when I was younger I may have thought "lucky peeps" off to New York now in my older age I think bloody fools , It will be similar here off to the local Farm & Fleet for grain and maybe if the weather gets warmer might start on cleaning up the mess from winter