Monday, May 26, 2008

Lily Leaf Beetle Pictures

Memorial Day 2008

I had mentioned an article I wrote about using dormant oil sprays. Here's the link again and some pictures of the beetle I took yesterday. Lily Bugs! Included in the Friends of the University of Vermont Hort Farm Newsletter

Writing from the mountain above Peacham Pond where the temperature is an even 59 degrees at 6:30 PM and the rain is gentle and constant.

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Carol Bristol Designs said...

I had this issue with my lilies last year. We were away for 3 weeks, and by the time we returned only stems were left covered by those ugly red beetles.

I'd like to prevent this I assume the dormant oil did not work as you have photos of infested plants. Any suggestions before I go shopping to the pesticide section of garden store?
Thanks, Carol

George Africa said...

The dormant oil is very effective but what we are dealing with is an insect with a propensity to fly distances to new feeding grounds. We are surrounded by dozens of customers within five miles or less who have extensive lily collections These are production sites for more beetles as well as the fact that the insects are constantly moving to new areas. This is analogous to trying to control Japanese beetles with milky spore when your neighbor is hanging half a dozen beetle traps on your perimeter.

Dormant oil or Neem are two good solutions. Dilute to a third of what is recommended. As for pesticides, the Vermont Gardener loves birds and butterflies and things like Sevin are not on the list here. I was encouraged to consider an Ortho product for roses last week (a systemic) but have no interest. The label is enough to scare me.