Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hazy Morn'


Sunday, May 24, 2009

48 degrees and a hazy morning here on the mountain. The great grayness hangs at tree top level and the ground is thick with last night's dew. As I look out the office window I can see deer tracks from two deer as they dragged their feet through the tall grass. This must be last year's fawns as this years arrivals haven't even arrived yet. Whitetail deer in this part deliver all their fawns within a week of each other and by mid June their legs are strong enough to begin learning the paths to human gardens. I better remember to call my friend Jim and advise strongly that he bite the bullet and put up a deer fence this year to protect his new hobby as home vineyard manager.

The gardens are coming along nicely and traffic at the nursery has been very good. Gail has invited a man and his kids who grow vegetable plants as a project to sell some plants at our place. The kids have special interests, special needs, and they obviously take great pride in what their father has taught them. All the six packs, vegetables or flowers, are $2.75. The price is not as important as the message of what the man does with his two kids and the smiles on their faces when a pack is purchased. I wish sales were better for them but last Monday's 25 degree frost slowed thoughts of gardening so it will be a week or so before the interest grows again.

Forty Carats

The daylilies are growing very well and Elizabeth, an old daylily by Norton, 1942 is about to open. Actually it may be open now as it was about ready yesterday but I didn't check it in my bus-i-ness of working with Worker Bee Gail while wife Gail and Alex were away at a program in Jericho. We like the old daylilies and have a fondness for the species. Gail keeps saying that she really likes all the old daylilies and wants to collect them but each year we just get too involved and forget to place an order. If you have an interest in the real old ones too, let me know and I'll find the email address for a very good grower.

Here are some photos of a few more daylilies that are available at the nursery or via the Internet. There are hundreds more available too. Descriptions are available on the Internet. Flycatcher and Forty Carats are up top.

Cedar Waxwing

Bama Music

Ruby Throat

Miss Amelia

Leebea Orange Crush



Time is short, time to scoot. If you're out and about today stop by the nursery and say high to Gail or Gail. They'll both be there today. I'll be back and forth between home and the nursery gathering plants for the new shade garden. If you can't find anything to do today, look me up and I'll talk garden design while we work together.

Good gardening wishes from Vermont Flower Farm where Karl the Wonder Dog has expressed an impatience with my keyboarding as he wants a second walk towards Peacham Pond. Oh for life's multitude of controlling life forces!

George Africa
The Vermont Gardener
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lynn'sgarden said...

Hi George, I am drooling over these daylilies...especially Ruby Throat! Thanks for sharing some of your lovely collection. All my ordered plants are in and doing very well!

George Africa said...

Hello Lynn;

Glad your order arrived well! Ruby Throat is always popular here. Although I have seen it listed as 23" tall, the scapes on a mature plant are 36" and it's a real standout. It was registered in 1979 by Griesbach-Klehm who did a number of daylilies named after birds. They even did one named Phoebe but I know they weren't thinking of the one that just built a nest under the deck.

George Africa
The Vermont Gardener