Sunday, May 03, 2009

Sunny Spring Morn'

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Almost 7 am and I have to get going here. Old joints are slow to loosen this time of year and I have rubbed emu oil on both knees and Bag Balm on both hands in preparation for another day of planting. Today there are several hundred daylilies to get lined out and several crates of new plants to get potted up. Gail has four or five people lined up to plant this morning but I will be on my hands and knees doing garden planting. We are planning an official nursery opening next weekend but we'll need good weather and good planters to meet the goal.

One of Gail's favorite wild flowers is pictured above. Hepaticas don't flower all that long as they are negatively influenced by high spring temps and strong winds. Just the same, one look at a nice little group seems to get Gail through spring. There is some good hybridizing going on with these flowers but I haven't tracked down the new product to sneak some larger plants into the garden. The same is true with the trout lilies which have become real garden standouts in spring.

I'm heading down to the nursery in a few minutes but want to run the tractor tiller over the potato piece one more time. The potatoes are about ready for planting but the weed crop from last year got started early so one quick till and today's sun will fry those weeds and ready the area for planting.

Try to get out today and visit a few nurseries and garden centers. Next weekend is Mother's Day and it's not too early to make a decision on what might make that gardening mom smile. Don't forget!

Good spring wishes,

George Africa
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flowrgirl1 said...

Hepaticas are so sweet. One of my fav's since I was little.

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite since I was little.
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