Saturday, July 04, 2009

Just Fizzle

Saturday, July 4, 2009
Independence Day Evening

Almost 9 PM here and the last bit of light is fading as it's Gail's turn to take Karl the Wonder Dog for a quick walk. Neither of them seem to mind the fact that the big bear is around here some place. I guess they have both resigned themselves to dealing with an encounter if one materializes and until then, to proceed as if it's just another day. Gail and Karl have met bears before and also a couple moose so they apparently have developed some sense of trust that works.

It was a dismal day that started bad and didn't get much better. The heavy rain held off until late morning and the real heavy rain began around 4 and continued for over an hour. Our road is already having that old fashioned washboard look that puts struts and shocks of the car and truck to a regular test. We live on a dirt road and the man with the grader has some self induced game of seeing how deep the pot holes get and how many irate calls come into the town garage before he fires up the machine and levels out the road. It's difficult to understand this whole game unless you live in a rural state where dirt roads are common and every town has a road grader that they covet.

In between rain storms I piled up weeds from this week's work, moved some more hostas into place in the new garden and helped a few (too few) customers with info and purchases. You just can't get interested in gardening when the ground is turning green with moss and the water, so frequent of late, is puddled up everywhere you turn. I really wanted to get the grass mowed today but the weatherman (person) was wrong again. It almost seems that if it's a great drying day tomorrow, it cannot possibly dry enough to get the tractor on the fields. We'll see.

The daylilies are coming out more and more and with one day of sun it will be like someone holding up a big stop sign out in front of the nursery. The question however, is when will the sun come. A little more "We'll see." I guess.

A few more daylilies that came out today include Custard Candy (top):

Over There

Jeune Tom

Beth Barth

Beloved Country

It's clear that I have to get into the picture taking mode as I have to catch up with these that are out too: Creepy Crawler, Respighi, Sinbad Sailor, Golden Prize, Fragrant Treasure, Salieri, Wayside King Royale, and Strutters Ball. There are others but my "thinker" is getting tired tonight. I ended the evening around 6 digging the last daylily of the day which was Red Volunteer. It about did me in as it was a monstrous plant with 6 scapes. Then when I got home I remembered I had promised to dig some spearmint for a friend. All the commitments are finished now and we should have a quiet night. I heard a couple fireworks from Peacham Pond kind of fizzle so I assume a hundred per cent humidity and a light rain are making lift off a challenge. In the days of our country leading to Independence Day, there have been challenges bigger than lighting fireworks. Take a minute before the day is over and think about how we got here. Pretty nice country, kind of like the daylily directly above here--Beloved Country.

Be well!

George Africa
The Vermont Gardener


lynn'sgarden said...

These daylily photos are just beautiful, George! I go out every morning excited to see what's in bloom for the first time and everyday this week..a new one is saying Hello! Oooh, Custard Candy..gotta get that one! Hope that bear stays to himself :)

George Africa said...

Hi Lynn;

The daylilies are especially nice this year because of the rain. We are pleased with how quickly they have grown in the past month. Our prices are not as good as southern growers but the size of the plants we will be shipping now is excellent. I am putting together an offer on Citrina, a nice species that is nocturnal and fragrant.

FYI, Custard Candy is one of Patrick and Grace Stamile's daylilies. Lots of "candys" out there. They are at Floyd Cove Nursery
Now I can't remember all that we have but Blueberry, Strawberry, Elegant,and Wineberry Candy are some that come to mind.


Anonymous said...

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