Sunday, August 23, 2009

Morning Drips and Drops

Vera Biaglow

Sunday, August 23, 2009

64 degrees here on the mountain this morning. It rained again last night but not enough to amount to much. Some places in Vermont are still cleaning up from Friday's downpours but here the rain was limited and the gardens are dry enough that even the zinnias are almost falling over.

Karl the Wonder Dog was up again at 4:30 begging to go out. Morning walks are common in our house as it's a nice way to start the day. It's trickier now because the sun is still sleeping until almost 6 and the local bear population is staying close to the house eating choke cherries and creating scents that Karl cannot avoid. This morning the walk was going fine until Karl jumped off the roadbed and growled and barked as something heavy crashed through the brush. My aging eyes couldn't even pick up a form but there was an odor in the air suggesting to me that it was probably a bear. They don't practice great hygiene!


I like this spider. It's an older one, a vigorous grower and the right height to show off it's special curl.

Yesterday at the nursery was a good day for us. In Vermont, the governor came up with this "no tax day" which makes no sense at all but some people love it so they can save a couple bucks on big ticket items like washers and dryers, stoves or furnaces. People will drive a hundred miles to save $60 on something they should have bought anyway but they think they are getting a good deal. All the financial pundits say this makes no sense but the Governor is the top dog and just like Karl he can jump off the road if he wants to. For us it means that no one shows up at the nursery until after they have done the "important" shopping.

About 2PM yesterday I told Gail to go home and I'd call her if I needed help with customers. She had been gone a little over an hour when I looked up from pulling weeds and six cars had rolled in to look at daylilies. I called for help and got digging. The balance of the day until 5:30 was busy and that was good. Gardeners like sales and bought several anenomes, a few astilbes and lots of bare roots. I dug 15 daylilies and Gail probably dug another six. It was sticky hot but at closing time we celebrated the good day and began to dig bare roots for today's sales.

Although the field is not as colorful as it was three weeks earlier, many of the later daylilies are worthy of note. Remember that we go for the older daylilies, not the newer, more expensive ones but we can offer real good clumps at "not bad" prices. You kind of have to see the place to understand what we sell.

Here are a few more pictures of what is blooming or just finishing up. Stop by for a visit if you can!


Dragon's Eye
Smaller bloom, good bud count.

Catherine Woodbery

Sometimes people miss on the spelling but this old flower, now on 4 foot tall scapes in the garden, waves like colorful flags, drawing in honey and flower bees from afar.

Beauty To Behold

I really like this plant but it doesn't sell that well. Lots of bloom substance and a great bud count that goes on and on but I guess the shorter statute and the way the bloom is held to the plant body detracts from what folks want.

Bama Music

We are selling these as bare roots today. Can't miss that bargin!

Amazon Parrot

This is one of Alex's choices from some time back. It finished blooming Friday but has been very popular this year even though it's been around a few years.

Have to go!

Good gardening wishes from the mountain and the nursery!. Stop by and visit if you can. We are open every day until Labor Day, then by chance or appointment.

George Africa
The Vermont Gardener

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Jeff Branch said...

I enjoyed the post. Thanks.

lynn'sgarden said...

Beautiful late blooms here, George. Dragon's Eye is on my list (is there a Dragon's Orb, too?) but will have to wait 'til spring. Glad you had a good day at the farm, even coming at the tail end. I would like some 60 degree weather just about now..the humidity is dreadful!