Sunday, December 27, 2009

Winter Reading

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Just past 2:30 PM, 38 degrees out with light sprinkles, a 3 mph wind and a fog which holds motionless above the snow cover. I'm just off the tractor and into the house after cleaning up the driveway. Last night's rain exceeded an inch and coupled with the warm temperatures melted the snow pack in the drive. Moving the truck was no problem but the Camry never would have made it through the slush and snow. I just hope the wind continues as the temperature drops so
the water will evaporate instead of becoming an ice rink.

Christmas at our house includes lots of books. We are readers and we read most everyday. This is especially true in the winter when we play catch up from extra busy summer days at the nursery. A month ago I finally got started on Facebook with the thought of expanding our gardening resource base and also in hopes of driving a little traffic to our website. Both goals have been met handily although I must say that any social networking requires a time commitment bigger than is often expected.

A couple weeks before Christmas, Jerry Fritz and Nancy Ondra joined me on Facebook. I was familiar with Nancy from her great writing and photography on a popular blog I read, Gardening Gone Wild, but I had not yet met Jerry. As I read on, I found that Nancy had contributed to Jerry's new book, Lessons from Linden Hill. I foolishly tried to find the book in my favorite stores just before Christmas and finally ordered it online for Gail. It arrived in time and I hope she will hurry and finish it so I can read more than a page here or there.

Gail's comment so far is that the book serves as reminder to many things she has already experienced, completed or done over. She's keeping a list of pointers and a list of flowers, trees and shrubs that Jerry uses at his place that will also do well here.

As soon as it's my turn, I'll report back with a better overview. In the mean time, if you need a good resource, are into design or garden construction, or want a different perspective on starting your own nursery, buy the book. It's the kind of reference that you read until the pages are dog-eared because you read and reread the plentiful advice. Thanks Jerry and Nancy for another good read!

Writing from the mountain above Peacham Pond where a small flock of grosbeaks just appeared at the feeder to join a lone red wing blackbird and five doves. Holidays bring all kinds of guests together!

George Africa
The Vermont Gardener
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James Trundy said...

Decided to get a copy for myself:) Checked and NOTHING except via their used book market where there were two USED *paperback* copies for $53 each!!!!

Needless to say I ordered it on Amazon!! where I had to select a second title (such torture to add another garden book!!) to get free shipping!

Really enjoying Eliot Coleman's "Winter Harvest". want to give it a go next winter.. may have to start a blog to keep people posted on how it is going.