Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gardens of Change

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

24 degrees here on the mountain as things wind down for the night. Karl the Wonder Dog snores loudly in front of the wood stove, little birdy toy 2 inches from his nose. Apparently the toy rolled away from his grasp just as he went to sleep.

It takes just seconds for dogs to go to sleep or to go back to sleep. That ability irritates my jealously, especially at 3 AM when an animal passes the house. I have one good ear and its apparently on the pillow and useless while Karl's good ears bring him to protective alert and he barks. He works a drill reminiscent of an Army routine and when it's over he retreats to sleep in seconds. I toss and roll and watch the clock, hoping to get back to sleep in time to wake up for work. Right now Karl is in deep sleep and that's good.

The only picture on this post is one of a garden on Peacham Pond Road three years ago. It is a great garden, now fallen into serious weed-i-ness, the height of garden disarray. Just the same it has strong bones and with a few days work it can come alive so that it's both beautiful and walkable again. There's a chance this might happen this summer. It would make Gail happy and I know it would really make Fr. Joe, our summer time neighbor happy too.

Just as gardens change, our priorities change and recently I have been neglectful of many email questions and telephone calls. Forgiveness please. Spring gardening is only a thought here but in many places people have been planting for a while and they have questions. I have realigned my priorities long enough to set up a Facebook account for myself

and that has taken me some time. I also set up a Facebook fan page for Vermont Flower Farm and Gardens and that is available at

As I continue to learn the challenges of social networking, I have added Twitter to my list and I am there almost daily at It's been a while but I try to write on the consortium of world wide garden blogs, Blotanical (from Australia) whose membership bestowed this blog, The Vermont Gardener, with Best Vermont Garden Blog last year. Finally I have updated much of our website Vermont Flower Farm, the final part of my recent work, and the target of all the social media work.

So as I have continued to get my feet wet with social networking, I have brought out impatience in some. A few gardeners have signed off and I can respect that too. I'm bringing this all together in time for the emergence of Spring here in Vermont and I know you will enjoy any or all of the opportunities to review what is happening at Vermont Flower Farm.

Thanks for sticking with us during our move to the valley and please come back here once in a while to see what's up. In short order, I should have all of these opportunities networked to each other to make it easier for you.

Writing from the mountain above Peacham Pond where the night is quiet and the maples have frozen in anticipation of tomorrow's warm temperatures and another great run. Maple syrup is a good thing!

George Africa
The Vermont Gardener


LC said...

Are the crocosmia Lucifer hardy for you, or do you have to dig them each year?

~ ANNE said...

Challenges of social networking while putting out a terrific garden blog! That's it. You do it and well. ~ ANNE

George Africa said...

LC Lucifer is the hardy one. Very hardy. Hard to believe these are native to the plains of South Africa. The other available colors, the whites, yellows, pinks have to serve as annuals here but Lucifer almost can become an unwelcome guest. Even in very poor soil these plants become almost 4 feet tall and possibly 3 feet wide in 3-5 years.

George Africa said...

Thank you Anne, I appreciate the comment and the help you have given me. I want everyone to know the fine work you do helping people everywhere through Living The Autism Maze

as well as your weekly radio show during which you discuss autism and other disabilities.

Hugs & smiles!