Sunday, March 21, 2010

High Mowing Seed Open House

Sunday, March 21, 2010

5 PM here on the mountain, the wind has finally stopped and a few rays of sun have emerged pushing the temperature to 47 degrees. It will not last long as rain is on the way but it is a pleasant way to end the weekend.

Last night Gail and I went to Wolcott, VT to High Mowing Organic Seeds open house and potluck supper. We went last year and really learned a lot so decided to go again. Although the crowd was a little smaller, the potluck, like the information owner Tom Stearns shared, was very good.

I heard more than one friend ask about Stearns background. I was curious too but never heard how he came to loving seed saving so much. Turns out the recently released book The Town That Food Saved by Cabot, Vermont writer Ben Hewitt, contained needed info in the course of interviews Hewitt had.

Tom was born in Sherman, CT in 1975 before organic was quite what it is now. He had two older sisters, and a father and mother who were both music composers. The family had gardens and enjoyed them.

Stearns attended Mt Hermon in Northfield, Massachusetts where he participated in the vegetable, livestock and maple syrup programs. Then he went to Prescott College in Arizona where he majored in community development and agriculture. After college he moved to one of Vermont's tiniest towns, Holland, where he and his dog Rowan, and Posey the cow, practiced a variety of occupations including seed saving. As he settled upon the seed saving vocation he purchased land and a trailer in Wolcott and the rest is history. Today the business employs 35 staff and it continues an evolution that pays great benefit world wide.

Right now the company is busy filling orders for home gardeners. Tom thumbed through a box full of orders and read names from all over the Continental US and Canada. Clearly he has created a reputation for quality organic seed and his enthusiasm for his company and his customers supports why he is at the top in Vermont.

Time has been short today but give me a day and visit our fan page on Facebook: Vermont Flower Farm and Gardens. I will have a few brief comments and a photo album attached that gives a better idea what the High Mowing business looks like. You can try the website and from there can access the catalog, place an order or sign up for the online newsletter. I suggest you do all three and then, please oh please become a fan of Vermont Flower Farm and Gardens on Facebook while you are still on line.

Writing from the mountain above Peacham Pond where Karl the Wonder Dog says it is time for a walk.

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