Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bright Yellow Morn

Sunday, May 30, 2010

48 degrees with 98% humidity here on the mountain. It's quiet like something might happen soon. The birds are not even awake. Karl the Wonder Dog and I just returned from a morning walk and even he went right back to bed. Something about yesterday that tired everyone on into today. Perhaps real summer is coming.

This is the summer of not enough time for me. We are playing catch-up at the nursery and there is a long list of items that must be done but seem to take more time than they should. Even yesterday's planting of the new "hot garden" took time as visitors meandered over and wanted to chat about garden construction, soil amendment and how low the adjacent Winooski River was flowing. It's all part of business and chatting with people often pays dividends. I can tell we are doing a great job when people come with questions. Yesterday a man said he learned more in a ten minute discussion with me than in the gardening course he just took. Maybe the real point was that he was standing in a garden and I had his attention and he had mine.

In late spring I really enjoy taking wildflower pictures but once again I have too many chores and not enough time this year. I never got the pictures I wanted of Trillium undulatum, the painted trillium, and bunchberry colonies are on my list right now. Hope is fading as I have the daylily garden to weed at the nursery and lots of fertilizing and watering to do because of the odd weather. I have to say I am happy to have been able to spend a couple minutes with my friend pictured up top here. Vermont has more orchids than many think and finding them is a joy.This one gets bigger every year. It would probably grow better if it wasn't sitting at the base of a large sugar maple but the two seem meant for each other and I wouldn't think of changing that.

A friend stopped yesterday and told me to get to the state forest real soon or I'll miss the other spring orchids. I like them all but guess for this year I'll have to accept memories and pictures from prior years. If you have more time than me, take you camera and get into the forest today. You won't be sorry!

Writing from the mountain above Peacham Pond where a doe deer is looking up the hill at me. She doesn't understand the sound of keystrokes. The technology of the woods is more important to her. That's a nice thought.

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lynn'sgarden said...

No one likes hiking with me as I take forever hunting down wildflowers to photograph! I love these bright yellow, cheerful clogs! And what a nice compliment from the visitor, George!