Saturday, August 07, 2010

Back On Line Folks

Saturday, August 7, 2010

A beautiful morning here on the mountain. 73 degrees at 9:30 and a peaceful quiet when campers from the pond are usually making lots of noise. Karl the Wonder Dog is snoring after an extended morning walk and Gail is manning the nursery with friend Steve while I mow the back fields and get caught up on some of the work here at the house. Place looks like a jungle but you can't be at two places at the same time.

Have been off line until yesterday at 3 PM when Hughes arrived with a new satellite dish, modem and receiver. I can't say that I am happy how long this last modem lasted but the breakdown forced me to upgrade to better download speed and more band. Alex is happy with his movie viewing and I expect Gail will smile when she can break away from her plants and get back on line. I have been trying to read business mail using our laptop and various WIFI sites but I have to say I'm not that good balancing the thing as I work.

Sadly, the fields of daylilies are fading away as more and more buds bloom out. Gail has a great assortment of late flowering daylilies in pots and these are very nice. I have to get a bunch of pictures printed of daylilies that are finished as the plants are very large and sales should continue. Just the same, between the bare root sales that we do every year this time and the fine new late daylilies, customer numbers have been excellent.

Hydrangeas are coming into bloom in large pots and there are still 10 varieties for sale. Gail and I have been pleased with the sales to date and just need to find someone interested in 7 that I planted in the middle of the field two years ago. They are in full bloom and just need to move sometime between now and mid fall.

The lumber mill started cutting my hemlock timbers yesterday. I have a hundred ordered--6"X 6" by 8 foot to form steps down the mountain to the lower daylily garden and the hosta and shade garden. This is another fall project that will make it easier for visitors to get around. Sometimes after rain, even the grassy hillside is slick with the clay that's underneath.

If you are out and about today, this is a great day to climb Owls Head in Groton State Forest. Visibility is excellent and you can see a big slice of Vermont that will make you smile. As for me, it's back on the tractor for more field and woods road mowing.

Writing from the mountain above Peacham Pond where 6 deer visited last night at dusk and started eating our late blooming daylilies. Karl's loud comments moved them along. At 3 AM black bears visited for blackberries which were just ripening nicely over the bank from my office window. Now I am walking around in a slight daze, wishing for more sleep, fewer interruptions, but knowing there are things to do.

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