Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dimming Lights

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Already almost 5:30 AM and I am making slow but steady progress getting ready to head to the nursery for the day. An hour ago I awoke from a good sleep to a strange thud-thud-thud sound that almost reminded me of a page from H. P. Lovecraft or perhaps Steven King. Something big was walking up the outside front room steps and whatever it was knocked over a couple begonias. Once again Gail had left the door open and apparently that left enough dinner smells to serve as a greeting card for the local bears. I wish she wouldn't do this but after a long day outside, some things are forgotten even if they are important.

As many along the east coast have noted, this has been a strange growing season. The daylilies are about finished blooming and the zinnias, cosmos and statice planted long ago for cut flowers are beginning to bloom but a month late. A couple daylilies look as if they will bloom again but the fields are already turning a shade of brown as even the leaves are finished. The maples along the roads are turning and yellow leaves are already littering the ground as if the first frosts of late September have begun.

Last night I walked out back with Karl the Wonder Dog and the wild apple trees are dropping small fruit for the deer about a month earlier than usual. A doe and nursing twins held steadfast under a tree as mom ate apples and the little guys bumped her for milk and flicked flies with their tails. We walked further into the woods and noticed the white birches are yellowing and dropping leaves too. The spring up the road from our house has a line up each night of campers, locals and long distance visitors in need of water because their systems have already failed or because usual sources have dried up. Just more sign that things are changing.

I'm at the nursery myself today as Gail and Alex are in Burlington for the day. The weather should be nice and I expect I will be busy. If you are out and about today, stop by. We have some very nice hydrangeas for sale --8 varieties left--so enough to find something right for your property. There are plenty of farmers markets and outside activities this weekend. Be sure to remember Kingdom Farm and Food Days next weekend. Different perspectives of the Northeast Kingdom where farmers farm and people smile friendly welcomes to people they have never met.

Writing from the mountain above Peacham Pond where 8 turkeys are feeding outside my window. Now that the sun has risen a bit I see that last night's thud-thud-thud was the bears as the remaining blackberry bushes over the bank are rolled flat. I sure do miss sunrise at 4:30!

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