Friday, August 27, 2010

A Neighbor

Friday, August 27, 2010

A beautiful morning here on the mountain. I didn't get going as early as I wanted but Karl the Wonder Dog and I made a trip down the road and briefly up into the woods before returning home. He went back to bed and I checked Gail's car for her trip today. She and three friends are heading south to Olallies, a third generation daylily grower in Newfane Vermont. Olallie's has a reputation for growing some late bloomers and that's the intent of today's trip. I stopped there back in 2005-6-7--can't quite remember--and bought 20 daylilies that were budded or had just started blooming. Today they are massive plants, obsessively trimmed half way to the ground by two deer moms and their friends, but still great plants ready for dividing. Gail's absence for the day means I have to get going here and get to the nursery as "I am it".

I stopped at friend Mike's last night on the way home to leave off a birthday present for Michelle. I was greeted by Buck, the bantam rooster pictured up top. Buck may be small but his voice is growing every day! He was out and about with the other chickens cleaning up insects for dinner.

I took a minute and looked at Mike's tomatoes and peppers, still blight free. This year Mike planted them along the house where it is warmer and he put down dripper hose before covering the area with landscape fabric. Just recently he had to put up some fence to keep the chickens away from the ripening tomatoes.

The roma tomatoes are so heavy on the vine that Mike pounded in 6 foot rebar and tied the vines up. The tomatoes are coming along nicely now and there will be plenty to dehydrate and store for winter. A couple months back, I gave Mike a plant of Black Krim that was sent to me by a grower to test. Mine at the nursery succumbed to blight but this one of Mike's is doing very well. Still no darkening of color as the name implies but it's coming! Note the hierloom shape.

The romas are Mike's favorite for putting away for winter soups and stews. He can pick some every day now as they ripen. We have a week of hot weather coming from today on so the tomatoes should do well.

Karl is barking at something outside so guess it's time to resolve that issue and get to work. Great day to get out and about. If you have some time, stop and see me at the nursery. Plenty of fall plants to consider. If you happen to be traveling Route 302 through Groton today between 2-8 PM, stop at Artesano and try some Munson's Maple ice cream, tour the gift shop or purchase a freshly bottled, locally handcrafted mead. Nice folks, nice products!

Writing from the mountain above Peacham Pond where the sun is getting stronger like the voice of a lone raven sitting outside my office window.

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