Sunday, October 24, 2010

Garden Vessels

Sunday October 24, 2010

Another clear, cold morning on the mountain. 26°. A pack of coyotes disturbed my sleep at 3 and the thought of what may have happened interfered with my getting back to sleep. Over the past 50 years I have witnessed coyotes go from "what is that thing?" to "Lost four sheep last night." I am feeling worse about the thought, not knowing what happened. My uncle from Fairfield CT sent a couple newspaper articles recently telling of two attacks in the Rye NY area where I started life. I do know that coyotes adapt readily to any environment and sitings in Central Park, NYC are quite common. There is something tranquil about living in a rural state such as Vermont but there is always caution from the unknown.

Last week we headed up to Chittenden County for an overdue visit to the Shelburne Museum. If you live in Vermont or are visiting us, log off for a day and visit the museum. By itself is sufficient enough to learn a bunch about Vermont but the museum has some great exhibits that make you even happier that you made the trip.

One of the exhibits was All Fired Up: Six Ceramic Artists from Vermont and it made me wonder who put the six together. The contrast was significant and the work was outstanding. But for gardeners, there was a real treat via the extra large garden vessels by Stephen Procter. Here is a sample of what was on exhibit in the general display and then outside in and around the Bostwick Garden.

Big garden art or any garden art for that matter is not received well by all gardeners. That's what makes us different. But I enjoy the craft industry and this work is special. Beginning with the coil method and ending with these beautiful pots, Procter sets the stage. If you have any garden art that is special to you or if you know a crafts person that other gardeners would like to know about, let us all know.

Writing from the mountain above Peacham Pond where 26° is still 26°, it's dark, windless and it's quiet. I'm still thinking about gardening....and sharing ideas.

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