Monday, May 16, 2011


Monday, May 16, 2011

Just in after a second walk with Karl the Wonder Dog. Yesterday's rain kept him inside more than he wanted and since the rain has subsided for a bit, he is eager to enjoy the smells of spring and moving wildlife. I have to get going here as I need to get to Guys Farm and Yard in Montpelier and pick up some supplies.

I walked the old hosta garden here at the house last night after returning from the nursery. It rained so hard yesterday that even with complete rain gear, I got soaked over time. I spent much of the day on my knees weeding and planting hostas so it was fitting to come back to the house and view a garden that has become a reminder of what you can build. There is hardly a day that goes by but what a customer reminds us how beautiful the garden was and how much they miss it. I have to offer agreement and a constant reminder that I am working hard on a fitting replacement. I know it will be a nice garden but it sure will not be built within an old barn foundation with a history dating from the 1800s.

The old garden had two Asurums I like. One is our native ginger, Asurum canadense plucked from our back woods. Here's a picture of it just coming out of the ground a couple weeks back. It is not that easy to find here but is in good supply along the Winooski River. Few like it because the color is dull and the flowers are hidden under the leaves and unexciting. I still like it. Up top is Asurum european, the shiny, smooth leafed European Ginger that everyone wants even though they question the price. There are lots of other good gingers out there although many will not hold up to zone 3 or 4 Vermont climates. Search around and you'll find some that have a place in your garden too! Nice groundcovers that encourage nice comments from your gardening friends!

Writing from the mountain above Peacham Pond where the rain just started again and walking this morning is an exercise in swosh-swosh-swosh-splash! I hope the Winooski River is not as high as I fear it is this morning.

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Barry said...

Asarum is a wonderful plant no way around it! I have to be careful with A. canadense as I find that it tends to choke out another of my fine natives - Sanguinaria canadensis f. 'Multiplex' - the wonderful double flowering species. I have looked at A. europeum numerous times, but always end up with A. splendens, the wonderful arrow leafed one from China with the wonderful pewter sheen to its leaves.