Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Lily Leaf Beetle Control

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

81° here after a high at 3 PM of 85.2°. The wind has been a steady 7 mph for half an hour now and the humidity is at 76%. We had a brief but intense thunder storm at 2 PM and a few rumbles since then. The national news reports serious storm considerations in Amherst and Northampton, Massachusetts.

Over the years Gail and I have grown thousands of lilium. That all came to an end four years ago as the lily leaf beetle got a foothold in Vermont and the time and expense for control were more than we wanted to contribute. Since that time, research at the University of Rhode Island has made some progress using parasitic wasps. When I first learned of this research perhaps six years ago I was encouraged by the benefit but discouraged by the fact that the parasitoids would not survive in zone 4 Vermont.

I'd like to refer lily lovers to a URI site that will help with some info on the success to date. If you have personal information or success with products or beneficials, please share with other gardeners. The site is forwarded to me by Lisa Tewksbury, URI Research Associate. As she points out, there are ongoing studies other lily growers may be interested in helping with.

Writing from the mountain above Peacham Pond where another t-storm is forming.

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