Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mid June Flowers

Sunday, June 19, 2011
Fathers Day

A beautiful morning here on the mountain. 45.6° and ever so quiet as the sun breaks through the tree tops and the blue of the sky welcomes a great day. Karl the Wonder Dog shot out of slumber at 4:30 and growled protective noises. By the time I rubbed sleep from my eyes he was in the front room perched on the couch and rumbling unhappy noises. I looked and looked but couldn't figure out what went by. I reheated leftover coffee and headed out, still in half-sleep, staggering a bit while being pulled by Karl's exuberance which I did not share. Very few birds welcomed us and we did not see any large wildlife. Maybe later.

The flowers in the gardens at the house are a sorry state of weediness but Gail and I simply can't keep two places looking good. Just the same the plants are healthy and the colors special this year with all the rain. The poppies are just finishing up here. We let them run through the weeds because when poppies pass for the season, their dormancy leaves brown, bushel basket sized holes in the landscape. I can see that some of them need to be cleaned up but it will probably be easier to so a good job spreading this year's seed in another month so the crop comes back nicely in a couple years.

I usually cut some poppies when the buds are just cracking with some color, then I sear the ends with a match and bring a few inside to enjoy. They are an enjoyment to look at but be sure to toss them the day before you think they are going by or you'll be picking up flower pieces for some time. If you have been stuck in an "orange poppy rut" for some time, buy a pack of white, raspberry or pink seeds. Oriental poppies are the large flowered poppies and they are perennials.

I notice that the Trollius Alabaster by the back door is now in bloom. They have been a mystery for Gail to grow and have not been quite as hardy as the yellows and oranges that we have grown for years. The toys in the picture up top get little or no use anymore but the surrounding trollius and few late tulips close out mid June with nice colors.

The Siberian irises are blooming nicely too as are the blue Scabiosas, various geraniums peonies and the yellow flags. More and more daylilies are popping and dots of color show everywhere. We are embarrassed by the weed situation in the daylily beds at the nursery this year but the rains that started in March have stayed with us ever too long.

I have to pack up the truck and get to the nursery now. Michael dug me about 50 new holes for replacement hostas in the display garden that got nailed by 10 feet of water going over the top. Yesterday I found 6 hostas that had been ripped out including First Mate that was hanging from an alder tree. Gail just bought that for me last year along with Empress Wu so they were special for other reasons.

Today is Fathers Day so if you are out and about stop by and see us. We still have some nice blueberry and raspberry bushes, grapes, one flat of strawberry plants and some nice shrubs for sale. The Ginkos and Witch Hazels are looking good as are the ninebarks and lilacs. The lilacs have finished blooming but they are strong and will flower well next year. Gail will be available to help and I'll likely be planting just down the hill. If you have courage, walk down and see what I am doing. I always like to meet new gardeners and take a break!

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Lisa at Greenbow said...

Poppies. One of my favorite flowers in the world. One always wants what one doesn't have. I have tried every way know to grow poppies and have had little to no luck. Bah humbug.

thomas peter said...

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