Saturday, June 11, 2011

Missed Opportunities

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Been sitting here reading for an hour. 55.9° on the thermometer but one look outside gives mental challenge to the reading. I know it's right but there is a thick gloominess hanging this morning with heavy, low clouds and notice of impending rain. The only movement I can detect is that of mosquitoes which are in abundance this year as never before.

Karl the Wonder Dog is disappointed with me. I have no courage to put on his leash and walk him down the road so I rely on Gail. She's not that enamored with me this time of day either as sleep sounds better to her than walking the dog and maintaining a watchful eye for large wildlife. Every day another report comes in of bear sitings and those serve as a reminder to be attentive even if seeds of sleep and unfinished dreams weigh heavy on the dog walker. I'll soon have courage again to be pulled around and Karl's morning walks will be with me on the other end of the leash. My leg is coming along nicely says the doc and I don't want to push progress into reverse.

I never thought I would miss the end of springtime so much. Here in this part of Vermont the time from the end of May until about the middle of June is wildflower time. I enjoy walks in the woods and around the kettle ponds so frequent here. But with crutches and a little limp when I discard them it's not all that handy to take pictures and kneel and bend.

I have always liked the various orchids that bloom in spring because they are so much larger than those that come later. The pink or white Moccasin-flowers like the yellow lady slipper pictured above are easy to find. I love to find the yellows and have been known to spend too much time laying on the ground waiting for an ant to come out for a picture. If you have examined one of the yellow flowers, you know what I mean. But late spring holds other treasures and the simple white bunchberries make me as happy as the three native trilliums, the flowers of the red, white or pink baneberries, clintonia, the blue-bead lilies, or Dutchman's Breeches. This was supposed to be the spring of hiking and picture taking but that's been postponed until next spring. You have time though and easy little hikes include nearby Kettle Pond or Osmore Pond within New Discovery Campground. Today would be a great day as the light rains will calm the black fly/mosquito's appetites and this weekend is get-in-the state-park-free time. Put an extra set of batteries in your camera case, pack a snack and don't say you'll think about it later. Wildflowers offer a narrow annual window and seeing them in their glory confirms a memory you won't forget.

Writing from the moutnain above Peacham Pond where Gail and Karl have returned safely, driven back by bugs says Gail. In the nearby larch tree, two ravens show disrespect for tired forest neighbors as they shout loudly in bird words I do not comprehend. Maybe they are reminding me to get going!

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Check your potatoes for potato beetles and their bright orange eggs on the undersides of the leaves. It's an especially bad year for them and "no leaves" means no potatoes.

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Lisa at Greenbow said...

"EASY to find" Lady's Slippers?? I had to finish reading this post. I would never be able to utter these words. I don't know if they don't bloom here, other than in certain gardens where I know they do, or if I just am not able to access the proper habitat. I live in SW Indiana surrounded on three sides by agricultural fields, ie corn, soybeans, watermelon, asparagus and potatoes. The Wabash river runs along the west edge of my little piece of world.

I came to your blog looking for day lilies named for birds. You have several only one of which I have, Screech Owl.

Your blog is a delight. I will have to return to watch what all goes on in your world. It seems foreign to me as your weather is so different than mine.

I hope your leg heals quickly, Cheers, Lisa at Greenbow