Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A beautiful morning here on the mountain. The sun is pushing above the trees from Peacham Pond and accentuating the lush green leaves resulting from what has really been too much rain for spring planting. Yesterday morning the National Weather Service was blaring warnings for southern Vermont where up to 4" of rain was predicted but someplace between then and now I missed the news coverage of what happened. We have already been there more than once this spring and we continue to work through the consequences.

Some places, some towns, and many people can't seem to get a break with the weather no matter what. As I traveled to the nursery yesterday morning I noticed that the brand new sign at the corner of Routes 2 and 215 in Marshfield, a sign announcing a benefit tomorrow night for Cabot's repeated disasters, was run over by a car. There are skid marks leading straight to it. Sometimes what happens in the world just seems impossible but repetitions continue on. Lots of damage all around the area so help your neighbors as you can.

I have always liked anything that grows in among the rocks. I remember in the early 50's my Dad made a rock garden for my mother on top of an old barn foundation at our 1826 house. She planted portulaca everywhere and then plugged every variety of sedum and sempervivum she could find in among the layered stones. Thinking back on it, she really came up with quite a number of varieties in contrast to what's available today. The collection drew lots of "where'd you get that?s" because in Vermont in the early 50's, times were tough and people were thinking more about planting things to grow and raising animals to eat. Chickens for eggs and meat where much more popular than my mom's hens and chickens in the garden!

We have a good collection of sedums and a few different sempervivums at the nursery. I continue to work on a garden for our collection by the front fence. It still looks a little sparse but I am getting there. We'll get the potted plants moved up today or tomorrow and make the whole area more pleasant and visible. If you're out and about, stop by and see what's available.

If you head up towards Glover (remember Glover=Bread and Puppet Theater??) stop at my friend Kate Butler's place. Labour of Love Landscaping and check out Vermont's largest collection of sempervivums. If you do make it that far, don't forget to stop at Curriers Quality Market too. Curriers is one of those all purpose places with a real butcher, nice people, a sporting goods section and an incredible collection of taxidermy that makes you think you're in the woods. Give it all a try in Glover and stop and see Vermont Flower Farm while you're coming or going.

Gotta get going here. Hope I don't get side tracked during the rest of the day. Hens and chickens, Glover, Kate, taxidermy, real butchers--what a morning!

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Don't forget another fine plant society:

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