Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Christmas Day
Sunday, December 25, 2011

Zero degrees and calm but with an occaisional breath of outside frosted air that labors to turn the anemometer past 2 MPH. The house is cold at 62° but not as cold as many feel right now with lack of heat or resources to provide it. The wood stove is crackling again and soon my friend Karl the Wonder Dog will replace the warm bed blankets with a spot in front of the wood stove. It's Christmas! In a few hours it will be less quiet and merrier here. It will be at least 9 AM before Alex awakes. It's always been that way. We are not a family that has to rush Christmas morning. We savor our family, friends and gifts and cherish our health and what we can share with others.

Warm Season's Greetings to all our blog, website, Facebook and Twitter friends from around the world. 2011 brought us many, many challenges but strong freindships melted away difficult times and brought smiles as we prepare to sit around the tree and later the table to gather with family and friends.

The red squirrel in the picture brings holiday greetings too. Hatless, he covers his head with his tail to fend off winter cold and snow flakes. He has already had breakfast at the bird feeders and he doesn't have to worry about where his Christmas meal is coming from. Many in our world don't have the luxury Mr. Squirrel does so as you're out and about today, give a thought to others who don't share your opportunities and if you can, lend some support. Everything makes a difference, one day at a time!!

Best holiday wishes!

George, Gail and Alex Africa
Vermont Flower Farm
Marshfield, Vermont

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