Monday, July 02, 2012

Bitten By The Fence

Monday, July 2, 2012

Birds are already singing to me this morning through a fog that floats along the meadow border and cozy ups to the wood line. The view is less than clear through my tired eyes but there is something tranquilizing about the way the fog moves. It reminds me of the Maine coast, my favorite place other than Vermont.

I was away from the flower farm this weekend as I had committed to helping a friend paint her house in Barre. You have to understand that my dad was a great painter and wall paperer but when people asked if I would follow in his steps, I always looked the other way. I greatly dislike paint brushes but the weekend's excitement involved using an airless sprayer to apply paint to a hundred year old house with dry cedar shakes. I'll leave that story there and just say that my painting days are officially over but the house is painted and just needs a couple-three days to clean up the mess, over spray here and there, that kind of thing. It really does look good and neighbors have been very kind with compliments, horn toots and thumbs-up congratulations for trying to fix up this old house.

The flowers at the farm are coloring up nicely and the daylilies should be impressive from along Route 2 in another week or so. The bloom time for some seems very confused with some later bloomers already putting up loads of flower scapes. In contrast, some are behind but some are right on target. Beloved Country pictured above, is an example of a timely daylily at our place.

This morning I thought I would take a couple pictures of Beloved Country which grows in a row outside my office window. It was supposed to be transplanted to the flower farm but after a couple years now it appears to have been forgotten as it competes with high grass and a terrible weed named colts foot. I grabbed the Olympus and headed out, already late from spending too long on Karl's walk.

As I approached the row, I found a few blooms that looked like a picture but as I bent over for a close-up, my derriere came in contact with the electric fence which protects the honey bees from bears and other critters. Let's just say that expletives were plentiful. Reluctantly I returned at a different angle and snapped a couple more shots. Here's another one.

Beloved Country is right on target based on Gail's records. For the last two years it has opened on June 29th and it has not disappointed us. Bloom time doesn't matter to many but to those people thinking in terms of a special event, a birthday, or remembering the loss of a friend, the date is important. Weather changes over the past few years have made some flowers change their bloom time but Beloved Country has held firm. Keep it in mind if you need something that is 34" tall and has slender bloom scapes that wave in the breeze. We like it--bet you will too.

Gotta get moving here. I have committed to spending the day with Alex and we are going to begin in Hanover and West Lebanon, NH. Gail and worker bee Michael will be at the flower farm so if you're driving by, stop and say hello.

Writing from the mountain above Peacham Pond where honey bee flights have commenced in great magnitude and the now-absent fog has left a series of spider weds and cobwebs everywhere. Slender strings of web with drips of dew suggesting another hot day! Be well, be cool!

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