Friday, July 27, 2012

Bloom Continues

Friday, July 27, 2012

60.8° here on the mountain this morning. Windless and raining lightly. The honey bees are still in the hive, waiting for more heat and less rain so they can make their first flights of the day. The bees that over-nighted in the wild must be a little waterlogged by now as it rained most of yesterday and much of last night. I was a little waterlogged by the time I got home last night with an armload of wet clothes for the washer and three pairs of soaked shoes.

The daylily bloom is changing at the flower farm and if you are in the area, stop by and see some of the later bloomers. The very popular Alabama Jubilee pictured up top is about finished and is now replaced by the blooms of Fire King, just below here. Both command attention in the garden with heavy bloom counts on tall scapes. Yesterday I sold the last Rooten Tooten Red which is a strong red and inexpensive. We still have a few of the big $25 clumps left in the garden and also some Red Volunteer if you are interested in plants that look like they have been in your garden for 5 years or so. For other reds, Prairie Wildfire is in bloom now, Bama Bound continues as does Red Sentinel and a couple more. There were many requests for Mallard but I decided to hold on to what I have and propagate for another year. Mallard is a smaller, front-of-the-border red with lots of potential. I have not seen it around here a lot and maintain it with other "bird-named" daylilies.

Rose Katherine is growing well now although some of the plants are small. Mardi Gras Parade is similar and in bloom. Both of these are down to the left of the long shade house. MGP has a super bud count and looks fine along the border.

August Frost is in bloom now, earlier than usual and it accompanies Lime Frost which is finishing in the garden. These both have lot of blooms on strong scapes and catch attention from afar. Take a peek if you stop by.

El Desperado is just starting to bloom and this one always leaves me short because it sneaks out on carts, one and two at a time. I don't have the color quite right in this picture but you'll see why it is popular when you stop by.

I can hear Gail getting the change box counted out and that means I am supposed to be heading out the door for the flower farm. Karl the Wonder Dog is on the floor beside me snoring away and that seems like a good idea on such a wet day but my free time comes in January, not July. If you get a chance to stop by the flower farm, you'll see what has been keeping us busy. It's worth the time.

Writing from the mountain above Peacham Pond where I can hear loon talk from the pond and the reservoir this morning. Maybe they are saying "George, get going!"

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