Thursday, July 12, 2012

Daylily Surprises

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Heading for 6:30 AM and the temperature is beginning to rise. 50° right now and rising to about 90° before the day is out. I have already penciled in Artesano's Ice Cream in my mind as a "must-do" evening trip down to Groton. Thoughts of a cool ride through the state forest and a nice ice cream cone will help get me through the day.

Daylilies are popping out at Vermont Flower Farm but the flowers are noticeably smaller due to lack of rain. Worker bee Michael continues to divide and plant daylilies for us and I continue to use the tractor to till over old gardens for new plantings. In some places the clay soil just turns to dust.

Red Volunteer, pictured up top, is not the three feet it often is because of water shortage. Just the same, it's putting out some blooms that make some gardeners grab a couple pots. In another year the root systems on this one will be very strong and the large flowers will signal attention from visitors. Chicago Star and Chicago Sunrise have that similar "wave the flag" trait too.

I like purples even though insects do too. Strutters Ball pictured here is a favorite but I have no problem with Wayside King Royale which I have planted in a 30 plant mass down by the hosta display garden. If you haven't seen the hosta garden yet, seeing Wayside King Royale is an excuse to make the walk down the hill. If the heat gets to you, holler up and I'll come get you in the golf cart.

Gail likes Amazon Parrot (below) which just came out. I better find out where she planted it as I know it was relocated a couple years ago. It's been six years since I first planted the field and the original alphabet has been superseded annually and now we are running on 6 alphabets and a bunch of other configurations of English ordering. I better make a map soon!

South Seas is the last picture for this morning. I call it coral colored but others have their own ideas. Let me know yours. This is a great daylily and in a few years when it really clumps up you'll be pleased by the the number of companion plants you can surround it with.

If you're out and about like Facebook friend Steve from down Cornwall/Middlebury way was yesterday, stop and say hello. It's always nice to meet new gardeners and find out how their gardens are doing.

Better pack up and get going here. Lots to do this morning as Michael went camping last night and is taking the day off. Just me and Gail and 90°. Come visit anyway!

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Stephen Payne said...

It was great to meet George and Gail yesterday as I took an excursion to the northeastern part of the state. Gail showed me around and used the much appreciated golf cart to take me down to the hosta display garden. When George showed up, he was enthusiastic in talking about his gardens, Vermont weather and gave great advice on where to find the new hose I need to water my dry gardens in Cornwall. Thanks!

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