Friday, August 03, 2012

Bird Names

Friday, August 3, ,2012

August mornings are so very different than June mornings. The sun is not timely for me and the sky takes a while to give a clear sign of the type of day to expect. This morning it's an even 60° to start the day and I feel as if I am already late. The list of things to do is long as I am trying to work through a number of important tasks with worker bee Michael as the 7th is his last day. Then he will be heading back to college. He is a dorm counselor at Castleton and an annual orientation is required. He has been a great worker this summer and he will be missed.

Of all our daylilies, I have always enjoyed those from the 70's that were named after birds. Up top is Flycatcher, followed by Ruby Throat and then Mallard. Flycatcher has already gone by but Ruby Throat, like the little hummingbird it is named after, is growing strong with lots of flowers left. Mallard is a shorter flower and scape but a nice front-of-the border beauty.

Gardeners often like birds in their gardens, cater to them during the fall and winter seasons and learn about them year round. I am one of those gardeners. Within an hour I will be working in our gardens but right now I have to take Karl the Wonder Dog for a walk. I know I will hear birds of the morning singing to me. Bet you will too.

From the mountain above Peacham Pond where it is "road-quiet" for a change, best wishes for a fun day.

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