Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fire King and Others

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ever so busy this morning. A beautiful day here on the mountain with fog in the valleys but bright sun rising to the tune of loons calling at Peacham Pond and the Reservoir. The honey bees are noisy but not so happy as I just disrupted their morning thoughts by adding more frames to the the hive. They continue to make honey like I cannot believe and are finding a great supply of goldenrod and Joe Pye weed out and about.

At the flower farm the heat of the summer has made daylilies bloom at odd times. Just the same we have many still blooming and 6 is good shape. The Jury Is Out has just started as have Autumn Daffodil and Autumn Gold. Challenger, now at about 6 feet tall, is half through the bloom cycle and looks great. Fire King is half bloomed too and this is one to grab if you don't have it in your collection yet. I love it! Pictured up top. Butterscotch Harvest is still setting buds and is later.

I have to get going as worker bee Michelle arrives at 8 and she is unlike some workers as she is always ahead of time. Gotta scoot! Come visit.

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