Sunday, June 09, 2013

Turn On The Lights

Almost 7 AM, 53.1°, windless, quiet. The rain has stopped which is ever so nice after +15 days of much rain that I gave up dumping the rain gauge as my interest faded quickly after a few days. Rivers are high, roads missing in places, puddles in our lower garden more like a pond big enough to lure in Canada geese and an assortment of ducks. Not good!.

As I write,  a new fawn suckles on mom in the lower field, bumping her in excitement as it tries to get the milk to come quicker. The doe's tail swats flies and she chews on timothy and other grasses, acting proud to be a mom but at the same time looking from side to side with ears at attention to possible danger. This is a picture but Gail reminds me again to leave them alone.

The gardens do not look good because of the shear winds and rains which have rearranged them. Just the same, the daylilies of spring are turning on like little dots of light here and there that draw attention to gardens that in a few more weeks will slow traffic along the highway.  Daylilies that bloom first are the yellows and oranges that represent hybridizing from the original species by those two colors. Irish Eyes, Golden Chimes, First Show, Corky, Lemon lily, Lemon Lollypop and others welcome us to an assurance that the snows really are gone for now and summer is coming!

If you're out and about today, stop by for a visit. The hosta display garden is coming around after three trees did a number on a few plants  here and there. Actually it is exceptional this year after dodging repeated bullets of 25° nights, sleet and hail, and shear winds.which arrived from all directions.

Writing from the mountain above Peacham Pond where I now hear the loons at Peacham discussing bird politics over fish breakfast. I need to get down there and count chicks, take some pictures.

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