Monday, August 26, 2013

August Peony Reminder

 Monday, August 26, 2013

Raining here this morning---still raining--rained all night. Gail just took Karl the Wonder Dog out for a second walk and I'm surprised they are still out with the rain coming down like this. 57.6°, windless, rain drop quiet!

Just a quick reminder for peony growers. Mid to late August is when peonies set buds on their root stocks. If you want good bloom next season, be sure that your peonies are well watered this month. People seem to have this notion that if they remember rain that it translates to lots of water but water getting to the root stock is another thing. Peonies need a good drenching that provides enough water below the earth surface so they can take in a lot and swell up the buds. Give it a try and you'll be much happier with the results next July.
If you are interested in adding to your peony collection or want to begin a collection, this is the time to make purchases and get them planted. Remember to dig an over sized hole and amend it well. Planting peonies should consider planting them for a long, long time so get the soil right first. And then--the planting--never plant the root deeper than 1.5"-2" below the surface. Planting lower than that will get you some fine looking foliage but never much in the way of bloom. Get it right the first time!

Writing from the mountain above Peacham Pond where I hear a single loon right now. Love 'em!

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Kelsey Sylvia said...

love peonies.

Kathy said...

George, I didn't know that about peony bud set and their needing consistent moisture. I shared it on my CCG Facebook page, because I bet a lot of my readers don't know that, either.