Tuesday, June 12, 2018

A Garden of Change

 Tuesday, June 12, 2018

A cold morning here at the flower farm. 39.1° right now but rising to +70° by noontime. Everything seems to be growing despite the lack of water. The weather folks said June would be cooler and it is but the lack of rain is very obvious. Rain is predicted for tomorrow and I do hope that materializes.

Everyone who likes hostas and their companions cannot make it to our place so I am posting more pictures. I'm really busy so do not have time to add comments to each but take a look and forward questions if you have any. We are giving tours every day because the hosta are all large enough by now that the name tags are hidden. The great thing about the garden is you can see the actual mature size and plan for your own gardens.

A great resource if you love hostas is the Hosta Library. http://hostalibrary.org. The thousands of different hostas which are pictured have an accompanying database which provides great information on the plant, sports, sizes, etc. Take a look.

Best gardening wishes from your friends at Vermont Flower Farm and Gardens!

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2263 US Route 2
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