Friday, December 14, 2018



Sometimes it takes me a while to catch up with a plant I have been looking for. Last summer I found a Vermont wholesaler and I didn't even ask the price, I just bought myself some. Mayapple. I wanted to add some to the perimeter of a shade garden but especially wanted them because they pop up early, have a nice shape, a noteworthy little flower to which a fruit follows. Buying them created trouble from those who, like me, were looking for them for a while. I could tell what the question would be whenever I saw lips pursing "Where....?" (did you find those? I did not sell many last year and may not have any for sale this year. Too early to tell. The plants are poisonous but I still think they are neat! Still interested?

Here's a link from the University of Wisconsin which will provide a few more details. I am intrigued by mention that it belongs to the barberry family too.  Read on!

Best gardening wishes!

George Africa
Vermont Flower Farm & Gardens
Marshfield Vermont 05658

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Kathy said...

I found that in well-amended garden soil (such as you reserve for your precious treasures) mayapple is on the aggressive side. I had to evict it from my shade garden by the house because it was overwhelming the double bloodroot. I moved it to the woods and it made a substantial patch there in no time. So if you want to start selling it, put a couple of pieces in a propagation bed. I currently grow the Himalayan mayapple, Podophyllum hexandrum, which in the article you linked to is P. emodi. I would love to get my hands on 'Spotty Dotty', a hybrid.