Saturday, June 17, 2006

Hop Along

Time is hopping along like this new grasshopper on a very special trollius named 'Earliest of All'. Trollius are in the buttercup family and a quick glance at the leaves and the flower added to a dash of imagination and you can see the linkages. We have been growing these for a few years and have yet to figure out how many to have ready for people. It seems that as more and more folks read good garden design books and magazines, they see the benfit of planting in 3's. This is great for sales but sometimes we forget to get stock into the ground for the future...or into our gardens for personal enjoyment.

As the grasshopper caught my eye today I wondered whether it jumped to the top of this 3 foot tall flower stem or took several jumps to get there. I am no authority on grasshopper jumping but this hopper seemed content to sit in the sun and look down towards the poppies and foxgloves. More and more flowers are opening each day, and the color palette has lots to offer.

I regret the sporadic posts as I understand the desire this time of year to know more about what is blooming, and what has passed by. I'll try to get some more pictures and thoughts out in the next few days. Planting here continues with some more deliveries from Northern Grown Perennials. This is a great nursery and the plants are incredible. Just ask our friend Elizabeth who worked through 16 buckets of new daylilies today!

From the mountain above Peacham Pond, where the light is fading and silence is overtaking the busy day,

Gardening wishes,

George Africa

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