Sunday, January 08, 2012

Kale Is Good

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Just 6 PM and the temperature is dropping here on the mountain. Gail just returned from her walk with Karl the Wonder Dog and they both pushed hard to get in the door at the same time. My digital weather station reports 15.8° right now with a 3 mph wind but not even half an hour ago it was 19° so it is going down. We're supposed to have three days in a row of +30 degree weather and no snow so I guess tonight is the lull before the warmer days.

Friday we went to the grand opening of the Vermont Venture Food Center in Hardwick. I expected to see some representation of kale as there has been so much publicity in Vermont what with the challenge of out of state Chick-fils-a to Vermont's Eat More Kale. What we found was another kale company growing its way out of Johnson, Vermont. The product and company is named Vermont Kale Chips and it is led by Janice Blair.

The wooden bowl of vegetables, maple syrup, honey and herbs caught our attention and Janice invited us to try some of her chips. This is Vermont grown kale--I forget the names of the varieties she grows--that are cleaned and then drenched in dressings and dehydrated. The resulting chips are so tasty that eating one bite just doesn't make it and I am glad Janice was handing out small bags. Here's a picture--not too clear but you get the idea--of the product. As I sit here writing away and watching the Broncos football game, the bag is history but the flavor and memory are strong. If you see Janice's Vermont Kale Chips in stores soon, give them a try.

Writing from the mountain above Peacham Pond where neighbors are returning home to kindle fires and warm houses for the evening. Hope you're snug too!

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Cally said...

Kale chips sound great. I'm guessing that climate-wise anything that grows well in Vermont will likely also be happy in Scotland (where I am) so I'll have a good look through your blog for inspiration.

I was wondering if you might add your garden to Folia the online gardening website (it's free). I'm always looking to encourage more gardeners to join and am having an extra push this week while the weather is keeping most people indoors.

It's a great resource for gardeners and has helped me keep on top of my 800+ plantings with photo's, notes, journals, milestones etc. They have an extensive plant wiki and a seed stash section where people can also list seeds for swapping. Here's the link to my Folia page so you can see how it works: