Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A beautiful morning here on the mountain. 40.1°, clear sky, windless, with sights and sounds that please this early morning walker. Karl the Wonder Dog and I made it halfway to Peacham Pond. We jumped the doe deer with last year's twins and it made me wonder if she will give birth again in early June.

The loons called from the reservoir as we walked along and there was an abundance of bird songs and also hyperactive red squirrels for morning entertainment. Karl's tail wagged as fast as his nose sniffed and he was reluctant to return to the house but I made him do an about-face.

Some people mostly kneel at church but gardeners kneel in their gardens. As we age, the kneeling part becomes more of a chore and assistance is often welcomed. I bought this reversible seat/kneeling stool years ago and just last year had to  replace the wooden seat. I used a piece of pressure treated decking material this time as I leave it outside wherever I am working. Like it or not, some days a job has to be left for another day or two as my creaky body needs rest.

This is a handy piece of equipment and worth the price. I don't know where they are manufactured--no doubt someplace in Asia but give it a thought for yourself or a friend. Once you use one you'll wish you had it a long time ago.

Best gardening wishes!

George Africa
The Vermont Gardener

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