Wednesday, January 03, 2024


Ruby Throat 


Morning on the mountain. Working in the woods makes me sleep well and until the snow begins and gets deep, that's where Alex and I will be part of every day. It's 25.3° right now, windless, quiet. I just looked at the storms coming east over the next couple weeks but there's still enough debate that I am not getting excited. We need a foot of snow to fill in the ruts in the roads. They are all a mess. Last week our town guys spread three loads of stay mat/crushed granite down our road and then graded it but it was raining so everything turned to mud, vehicles of all sizes went through and now its 8-10" ruts frozen solid. That's Vermont!
I have written before about Fine Gardening Magazine which I have read since the 70s. My only complaint is that it doesn't cover enough gardens and plants in the northern northeast and it doesn't always get the temperate zones to reflect that some of what they feature will actually grow here.
Here's the latest garden and this one is about red. I wrote previously that I read an article one time that said of 500,000 daylilies growing in our world, 90,000 are red. Some gardeners say they love shades of red and others are like those talking about oranges and yellows---"No more for me!" I'm not like that . I like them all. That's why I have contemplated making a garden that contains every red in a group, every yellow, every orange, every white, every purple, every pink, etc., etc. I have the space to do this but ever since Mother Nature teamed up with climate change, my daily schedules have been reworked and new gardens aren't on the horizon.

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Cabot, Vermont

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