Saturday, November 27, 2010

Small Business Saturday

Black Taffeta Begonia

Saturday, November 27, 2010

21° here on the mountain, dead still except for one blue jay, with a shade of color change as the sun pushes ever so slowly up from Peacham Pond. The town truck just went by spreading sand on the still slick road and pond people are making their way to town for a carton of milk, eggs or a paper. The latest weather report says we may get two more days of tolerable weather and then winter will strike with cold and snow and a December nastiness. I am hoping that the calm will last until Wednesday afternoon as I have an appointment at the nursery with an irrigation specialist and I would prefer a nice day. Probably seems odd to think about irrigation when snow is on the way but in the nursery business, schedules don't always match seasons and free time is coveted.

Black Friday has come and passed and preliminary hype tells us that sales were very good. I made the mistake last night around five of stopping at Tractor Supply to pick up dog and wild bird food. The line of cars on Rt 302 should have been enough to suggest I go home but I waited my turn and stopped, as I was out of cracked corn and sunflower seed. I am still hoping for a few erruptions of pine grosbeaks and they like corn.

Certain things are very important to me. Friends are one. I was happy I stopped as I saw Rich from the Smith Farm in Cabot as he was setting up his Christmas trees. I reminded him I need a 9-10 foot tree but can't come this weekend. He'll help me out. I finally met his wife and then saw Pat, also retired from state government. Pat worked for the Purchasing Division for many years and she guided me along when I was buying something unfamiliar to me. She was one of the few people who understood timing in human services. If a recently disabled person just got the word they were being discharged from the hospital in two days and they needed special considerations to get back to or live at home, Pat knew that my calls were honest and I needed her help. It was good to see her smile. She writes to me at my Facebook page from Florida and about and said she likes the news.

But today is a different day. It's Small Business Saturday, a newly created day that I really like. It's a day for considering businesses like Vermont Flower Farm where customers know the name of the person they shop with and come back time and again. Our products aren't marked "Made in China" and our smiles and gardening advice are free. This time of year we suggest gift certificates because our plants are frozen in time until spring. Our certificates are hand made, 5.5" X 8.5" note cards with a custom photo of one of our flowers or gardens. We'll write any message you wish or we'll create one ourselves. Gail is a master with these and I am always surprised how many she sells in a year's time. They are great for a gardener, a new homeowner who wants to learn gardening, or a mom or dad who is possessed that their little child should learn where flowers come from. Give Gail a call at 802-426-3505 or email her at and she'll help you out.

In a couple more days it will be Cyber Monday, a day that should please me with surprise web sales from Vermont Flower Farm. I am always surprised but I have this annual guilt about not being able to present an up-to-date website like everyone brags about. It will probably never happen with us. We just can't get the timing down right. Now we are adding about 30 daylilies to the site. They are new-to-us, tested and strong flowers. They won't make avid daylily collectors smile because they have been on the market for several years. They are beautiful daylilies that probably haven't been seen much around here, they are hardy, vigorous growers and they help make the short Vermont growing season seem to last longer. Just the same, we're happy to accept orders now. If you have any questions at all, give as a ring and we'll work out the details and answer your questions. Supporting local growers helps communities grow!

Got to get going here as I need to pick up metal roofing for the new machine shed. I planned to let a tarp serve as a cover until spring but with a couple "ok" days left, I am going to push myself to get the roof on. It will be a tad nicer to look at too.

Best wishes for the balance of your holiday shopping. I'll put out an annual list of gift ideas in a few days. Folks seem to like the reminders and I like to hear comments.

Writing from the mountain above Peacham Pond where Karl the Wonder Dog wants to go out again and I need another cup of coffee.

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Neil Moran said...

Hi George, I wish you the best in sales this holiday season, online and at your nursery. You know, I've never checked out your website. I'll have a look. I love daylilies. Have a good week.

Unknown said...

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