Monday, November 01, 2010

Remembering Thuya Garden

Monday, November 1, 2010

28 degrees here on the mountain. Gray clouds prevail and just a whisper of wind makes it feel colder than it is. This is the fourth day of cold and it has already erased the fond memory of last Wednesday's 68 degrees. The ground is littered with just enough snow to remind one that winter is the next season. This is the time to play catch up with a list of fall chores. My list is getting shorter but my writing from a couple weeks ago is still behind.

Back on October 19th I blogged about a trip to Maine and a beautiful Japanese garden I visited. It is named Asticou Azalea Garden located at Northeast Harbor just down the road from Acadia National Park. Down Peabody Drive a bit further is another famous garden, Thuya Garden. There is a slice of a parking lot on the shore side of the road and a small sign across the road at the start of some prominent steps leading up the mountain. I'll put up a picture album on our Facebook page, Vermont Flower Farm and Gardens and will cite a couple links to compensate for the fact that I ran out of camera power before I finished a tour of this incredible garden!

Adjacent to the parking area is a trail leading down the shore to Asticou Landing, a public dock for the community. I walked down to get a better view of Northeast Harbor and enjoy the scenery. It was low tide but there was still some activity about the harbor. It helped me frame my thoughts on a era of America that is slipping away.

As I began to climb the terraces I found myself stopping, looking back, looking up. I was amazed at the work involved in creating this garden as the stone work to make the steps and plateaus was just monumental!

Half way up to the first lookout is a beautiful plateau and a memorial to Joseph Henry Curtis. The memorial reads: "Vigilant Protector of These Hills. The Asticou Terraces are his gift for the quiet recreation of the people of this town and their summer guests."

As you continue up the trails, there is opportunity to stop and sit. I enjoyed the overlooks and the views to the ocean.

I back tracked the the main trail and about the time I snapped this shot of the trail leading to the lodge, my camera reminded me that back up batteries were back at the car. Just the same, the balance of the tour is worth every minute spent. I was happy I arrived in the fall when tourists are mostly absent as the sign at the parking area asks that you be considerate of others and not stay beyond 2 hours.... but for me, more time was needed to enjoy this treasure. I know I will return again.

Here are a couple links to get a better idea of the gardens.

Mount Desert Land & Garden Preserve

Landscape New England

Writing today from the mountain above Peacham Pond. Karl the Wonder Dog is barking at the sound of a flock of Canada geese and I have to get to my chores.

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